Etiology Series

2010 – 2005

The work documents the affect of repetition, along with physical and mental fatigue on the production of a mark. A symbol of the foreseeable obstacles of existence, a blindfold is drawn over the eyes of the artist. The artist must not only endure the physical demands of the task, but learn to accept the imperfections of his work. The influence of external and internal stimuli on production becomes the artist’s focus.

The art becomes a depiction of the subconscious while simultaneously shaped by a heightened awareness of his surroundings, acting almost as a distraction. Again, the audience is cognizant of the process of creation, but now must react to the artist’s torment. The audience witnesses firsthand the effect of repetition on the mind and body, and how this is expressed within the progression of the series. Given there is a widely different set of underlining cultural information for China and the USA, materials and presentation adapt accordingly to heighten the levels of questioning available when displayed in each country.